Knarvik Xtrem - friday 30th of August

Are you ready for an extra tough challenge?

Foto_Gro Anette Fanebust.jpg

11k mountain x-country race in terain above Knarvik Stadion.

Start and finish at Knarvik Stadion.

There is 2 different distances

  • 5,5K race - start 1810

  • 11k race - start 1830 NB!part of the FJORDVIKING.

The X-country race 11k - KnarvikXtrem is on tracks , but it is a lot of up and down.

The track record is 56:28 on the 11km  set by Stian Angermund-Vik in 2016. 
The record holder(Stian Angermund-Vik) is double world champion in sky running 2016.

As you can see the running time is about 25 minuets longer than an ordinary 10k.

We also have a shorter distance at around 5,5k in the same terrain.